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Electric actuator external view download page

Appearance diagram electric actuator
DXF file download
When you download the DXF file below will start your download select "(Save Link As) Save the file" in the "right-click", specify a location to save the file CAD drawings .

Nucom series actuator (proportional control type)
Rotary Type
Nucom-Z (N-Z.dxf 299KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NS (N-S.dxf 323KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NM (N-M.dxf 321KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NL (NL-50.dxf 306KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NL-100 (NL-100.dxf 306KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NL-150 (NL-150.dxf 307KB DXF file)
Nucom-10NL-200 (NL-200.dxf 309KB DXF file)

Linear Type
Nucom-LQT (N-L25.dxf 209KB DXF file)
Nucom-LTO (N-L50.dxf 209KB DXF file)
Nucom-LPOO (N-L100.dxf 196KB DXF file)

Unic series actuator (two-position control type)
Rotary Type
Unic-Z (U-Z.dxf 293KB DXF file)
Unic-05 (U-05.dxf 293KB DXF file)
Unic-10 (U-10.dxf 316KB DXF file)
Unic-20 (U-20.dxf 314KB DXF file)
Unic-40 (U-40.dxf 314KB DXF file)
Unic-60 (U-60.dxf 299KB DXF file)
Unic-100 (U-100.dxf 299KB DXF file)
Unic-150 (U-150.dxf 299KB DXF file)
Unic-200 (U-200.dxf 302KB DXF file)

Linear Type
Unic-LQT (U-L25.dxf 206KB DXF file)
Unic-LTO (U-L50.dxf 206KB DXF file)
Unic-LPOO (U-L100.dxf 193KB DXF file)

Emergency Shutdown (built-in battery, type release / emergency shutoff) actuator
Unic-EDS-BB Series

Unic-ESDEBBS (BB-S.dxf 323KB DXF file)
Unic-ESDEBBM (BB-M.dxf 321KB DXF file)
Unic-ESDEBBL (BB-L.dxf 306KB DXF file)

Easy to mount any type of industrial valves.With diecast aluminum body,realized.
Compact,Light,and Maintenance-Free features.
Available in 9 Rotary types and 3 Linear types.

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