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worm type final gear


linear type screw for smooth operation


built in motor


easy-to-see opening indicator


thermal protector

Koei Rexter Filtrate Collector Rex - 100S / Ti

  • Easy maintenance and accurate sensor reading for a long time period.
  • Clog-free operation with perfect flushing through Koei's proprietary Flush-and-Vacuum System (FVS) and hybrid screen.
  • No manual draining: Sampled liquid and solid contents automatically returned to flowline after each measurement.
  • Constant operation without influencing line consistency or pressure.
  • Auto cleaning: wash water maintained separate from flowline.
  • Auto-resampling circuits with system alarms to alert operator if improper sampling occurs.
  • Self-protection against sensor-drying even when at rest for extended periods.
  • Built-in PLC for easy installation.
  • Tool-free checking and standard maintenance.
  • Total pH Control, by combining the functions of the Rexter REX 100 with a control panel and Nucom valve actuator to close the loop on pH.
  • Adapts for use with immersion-type sensors (pH sensor, OR sensor, etc.), or with optical-type sensors(turbidity sensor, COD sensor, etc.) to obtain real-time analysis of flux.
  • Can be used to develop a higher level control system to retrieve data and run multiple sensors or to control multiple parameters.
  • Use your sensor at hand - housing hardware for your sensor will be prepared at factory.